Koskienergia Oy

Koskienergia Oy and its subsidiaries own 29 hydropower plants in Finland. Koskienergia Oy and Koskienergia Koskivoima Oy have used the services provided by JT-Export Oy for several years. We have purchased used transformers, KJ switchgear, PJG switchgear and PJG circuit breakers as well as contactors for our hydroelectric power plant for various renovation projects. A used and reasonably priced component is a viable option for small hydro power plant refurbishments. We have also commissioned grounding measurements, grounding continuity measurements and site earthing equipment inspections. We have received professional service and high quality used components. We can recommend the services to other players in the industry.

Tapio Ollila
Hydropower Manager, Operations Manager
Koskienergia Oy